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There is beauty that is truly effortless, and this is something that permanent eye makeup can give you. An eyelash perm and tint, for example, is safe, and removes the need for your daily application of eye cosmetics such as mascara or eyelash curlers. Yet you still get that sweeping curl to your lashes that make them appear longer. Eyelash perm and tint in Orange County saves time that is precious to you. So you can spend more moments experiencing the sweet life!

Eyelash perm and tint is part of Beauty by Candace's line for permanent eye makeup. Since 2000, resident beauty expert Candace has been guiding satisfied clients through this process in her permanent makeup office in Orange County CA. An eyelash perm takes 1 hour to apply and lasts for 8 weeks. Tint only takes 30 minutes and can last longer than 2 months. You can have both eyelash perm and tint done at the same time to give that extra oomph to your eyes. You will really see the difference!

They say that you can tell a lot from the eyes. Why not make yours look its best? Click here and contact Candace for a free consultation.

Orange County Eyelash Perm & Tint Services

Eyelash Perm $40
Eyelash Tint $30
Eyelash Perm and Tint Together $60


Who Does Orange County EYELASH Perm & tint Work Best For?

The perfect service for women who have straight eyelashes or very light-colored eyelashes. The eyelash perm gives the lash a curl for straight-lashed gals AND lasts up to 8 weeks. Also ladies can get this just at the base line of their lashes for an extra lift to make their lashes curl up more and make them appear longer!

The eyelash tinting is great for blondes or light brown lashes. Have darker lashes naturally without mascara application. If you don't feel like wearing mascara all the time, you can still have black or dark brown lashes (for a more subtle look.)

Why Choose Eyelash PErm & Tint?

Our Orange County eyelash perm is a much easier way to curl your lashes than a traditional eyelash curler. It won't damage your lashes as regular eyelash curlers can do. It is perfectly safe.

Our Orange County eyelash tinting saves you time from mascara application AND won't smudge or flake off. Waterproof, the tint makes for a no mess "black eye" in the water.

How is  Eyelash Perm & Tint Applied?

The eyelash perm takes about 1 hour for completion.

Tint alone take about 30 minutes.

Eyelash perm & tint together takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes or 1 hour and a half.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not even a little bit. No healing time needed either. Get them and go! :)



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