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A mysterious look. A second glance. A flutter of eyelashes. If eyes could speak volumes, the right kind of beauty enhancement for you will make it sing. Eyelash extensions are perfect when you want to always look your best. It makes your eyelashes look naturally long and soft, so the color of the eyes stand out. And because you command the look you want for yourself, you'll feel wonderfully confident in any situation you walk into, be it a wedding or a boardroom.

Eyelash extensions in Orange County CA is expertly applied by Candace Nichols of Beauty Marks by Candace. It is a quick and painless procedure. An extension lash is applied carefully to each of your lashes, with Candace generously putting as much as 50-60 lashes for each eye. A new set of eyelash extensions take at least 2 hours and can last for a month or longer. For a lasting solution, extension refills can be done every three weeks. Refills take only 1-2 hours to apply.


If there's one aspect of life that all women would like to see made easier it would definitely be the application and removal of makeup. Applying makeup on daily basis is at first exciting when young women first began engaging in the process. As women grow older however the application of makeup morning after morning prior to work or prior to a night out can be an arduous and sometimes tedious task. For most women, however, makeup is a necessity and something that the majority of women don't want to do without.

Since 2000, Candace has made eyelash extensions in Orange County CA and other Orange County permanent makeup procedures as easy and relaxing for her clients as possible. Orange County eyelash extensions is the beauty celebrity's secret. Consult Candace Nichols with Beauty Marks by Candace now to make it your own!

Orange County Eyelash Extension Services

Eyelash Extensions (lasts up to 2 months!)
$250 **
Eyelash Extension touch-ups
$50 an hour*
* Touch up prices and Correction work may vary depending on the amount of the work.
** Includes a touch-up in 3 weeks to replace any that may have detached from the lashes.


Who Does Orange County EYELASH EXTENSIONS Work Best For?

Our Orange County eyelash extensions work best for those with short and stubby lashes or those who don't want to bother with mascara every day. The eyelash extensions make the lashes look fuller and longer. We offer a variety of lengths and widths to give you the look you want to achieve. These are wonderful for women when they have a special event, are going on vacation, a wedding, honeymoon, etc.

Why Choose Permanent Makeup?

Our Orange County eyelash extensions save you time from mascara application AND won't smudge or flake off. Waterproof, they make for a no mess "black eye" in the water. Eyelash extensions last SO much longer than regular false eyelashes, too. They look an feel more natural, like your own lashes actually!

How is  Permanent Makeup Applied?

Each Orange County eyelash extension lash is applied individually to an existing lash on your eye. It's one-by-one, an individual process to ensure perfection. We utilize a professional strength, strong glue. But, if you want to wear them all the time, we recommend to come back about every 3 weeks for a fill. For a one-time event, they last about a month or can a little longer, depending on how well you take care of them.

For a brand new set it takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to apply, as we put about 50-60 lashes on each eye. For a fill, it's anywhere from an hour to 2 hours, depending on how long has passed since the last fill. The less that have fallen out, then shorter the amount of time to do the fill!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not even a little bit. No healing time needed either. Get them and go! :)

Q: Can I choose a style length and width?
A: Yes, absolutely. We have a variety of lengths and widths to give you the look you want to achieve.


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